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A seaside hotel in a class of its own

We have done our best to return Hotel Bretagne to the heyday of the hotel, when well-off citizens flocked to Hornbæk, a jewel of the North Sealand Riviera – also known as the city of light.

We have reduced the number of rooms slightly, in order to make all bedrooms en suite and make room for some beautiful, spacious deluxe rooms and suites. So today we have 23 beautiful rooms decorated in the best Gustavian style, most offering views of Lake Hornbæk and the sea

We offer a selection of accommodation packages, all based on a unique gastronomic experience, and some enhanced with outdoor activities. Breakfast can naturally be included, and may be enjoyed in our Orangery or on the terrace in the morning sunshine.

A world-class experience

Your very own hotel. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? But it is actually possible: you can hire out the entire hotel for a wedding, party, or just because you feel like it. When this happens, we put all our energy into you and your guests, guaranteeing a world-class experience fit for a king or a president. And believe us when we say this, because we have served kings, presidents and prime ministers!

Along the North Sealand Riviera

If you need to look around the area, it is possible to hire a bicycle from the hotel, take a trip along the North Sealand Riviera, or investigate Hornbæk’s flora. Remember to be back for around 14:00 p.m., when we serve our delicious Coffee and Cake Table featuring choice specialities.

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We have two single rooms, 18 double rooms and three large suites with the best views in Hornbæk.